World Heart Day
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Six tips for Healthy Heart for this World Heart Day

World Heart day was initially celebrated on last Sunday of September, but from couple of year’s i.e 2015, 29th sept is celebrated as World heart day every year. World heart federation is started in 2000 to celebrated this day to create awareness among people about the heart diseases
World heart federation’s creates awareness stating that almost 80% of premature deaths can be controlled by avoiding alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy diet and bringing end to physical inactivity.

To feel good from your head to your feet, keep a healthy heart beat.

World heart day is celebrated all over world by arranging activities linked to heart health, Spreading awareness among general public.The Objective is to inspire people to take good care of their health.

Below are 6 health tips for a healthy heart:

  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Minimize the usage of salts in food in daily intake.
  • Avoid smoking and regular intake of alcohol.
  • Maintain healthy diet, avoid fats.
  • Practice a regular walk of 30-40 minutes at least once in a day.
  • Consume fresh fruits, at least 2 intakes per day.
World Heart Day
Representation Purpose only. Courtesy:Google.

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