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Six Amazing Juices that actually gives relief from Low BP

Low Blood Pressure (also called Hypotension) is a state where heart pumping rate falls off and organs receive inadequate amount of blood for their functioning. This may result in shock or sometimes organ failure or heart attack. An individual can suffer Low BP due to various reasons and sometimes facts like hereditary and Genetic inheritance.

Six Amazing Juices that actually gives relief from Low BP. All juices are simple and can be prepared at home. In fact, all the ingredients are well known and widely consumed in day to day life. Also Know how infused water can give relief from #LowBP.

  • Carrot Juice:

Mix 1 table spoon of honey in one glass of carrot juice and consume empty stomach regularly in the morning.

  • Tomato Juice:

Mix ½ tbsp. pepper powder and ½ tbsp. black salt or normal salt in one glass tomato juice and drink once in a day.

  • Sugarcane Jucie:

Sugarcane juice with ginger or mint leaves can be helpful in low BP

  • Gooseberry Juice:

Grate 2 gooseberry and take the juice out of it . Now add 1 tbsp of honey and consume regularly.

  • Milk and Dates

Consumption of luke warm milk along with dates gives relief in situations of Low BP.

  • Milk and Almond

Soak 8-10 almonds overnight. Crush it in the morning and boil in milk. Drinking this milk will energize your body throughout.



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