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Seven Amazing benefits of Pista(Pistachio)

The Scientific name of Pista is Pistacia vera, belongs to family of Cashews. This is widely grown in Central Asia and middle east.However, United States leads the production of Pistachio in recent times followed by China in second place. The higher classification of this nut is Pistacia. Pista is considered has protein rich and highly Nutritional having 0% cholesterol and around 20.27 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Checkout the Seven amazing benefits of Pista(#Pistachio)

#ZeroCholesterol and 2.27 grams Protein is found in 100 grams(3.5 Oz) of Pista(Pistachio)

  1. #Pista/ Pistachios contains great amount of Vitamin B6 which helps in Hemoglobin production which in turn supplies oxygen to cells.
  2. Helps in maintaining healthy spleen and lymph nodes. Do you know eating walnuts can help control your stress.
  3. It contains Vitamin E which helps in protecting skin from UV rays, Premature aging of skin and skin cancer. 
  4. Pista contains two carotenoids Zeaxanthin and Lutein which maintains our healthy vision because it contains Vitamin A.
  5. It also help in blood purification and helps in building immunity.
  6. It contains good amount of phosphorous and is beneficial for braking down proteins into amino acids which is considered helpful for diabetic patients.
  7. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol, LDL and increases good cholesterol, HDL and thus reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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