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Nine Rare Health benefits of eating Walnuts

Walnuts are full of healthy essential fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber too. According to study eating handful of walnuts thrice a week can help you live longer. Below are the Nine Rare Health benefits of eating Walnuts.

Health Benefits of Eating handful walnuts:

  1. Walnuts lowers blood pressure and is beneficial in stress control
  2. Walnuts helps to regulate type 2 Diabetes and also aids in weight loss
  3. Lowers cholesterol and cardiovascular problems by 55% as it contains highest amount of antioxidants compared to other nuts.
  4. Prevents hair loss as it is rich in Vitamin B7 (biotin), promotes strong bones and also contains anti-ageing properties.
  5. Walnut consumption reduces risk of prostate and breast cancer. Scientist discovered that eating walnuts regularly can lower your cancer risk up to 40%.
  6. It promotes Brain health as walnut contains neuro-protective compounds like folate, Vitamin E, melatonin and omega-3 fatty acids.
  7. Walnuts helps in Gallstone prevention.
  8. Walnuts contain a compound called melatonin which helps to regulate sleep and wake cycles.
  9. Researchers say that eating 2.5 ounces of walnut per day improves semen quality in men.

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