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Nine forms of Goddess Durga worshiped on Devi Navaratri

Generally, As per hindu religion 9 days before Vijaya Dashami(Dasara) i.e starting from amavasya to ashtami are considered as Devi Navaratri. These Nine Days goddess Durga will be worshipped by most of Indian women of Hindu religion. For all the nine days, Goddess Durga is worshipped in different form(which are also avathar’s of Durga Devi) on each day. The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga Worshipped on Devi Navaratri are as follows.

Means daughter of mountains(shaila). She is the first among Nava durga’s. She rides a bull, carries a trident and lotus in both hands.
She holds a divine grace and is blissful. Endows peace and prosperity. She holds a rosary in her right and water utensil in left hand(generally which is carried by monks and sage).
She is worshipped on 3rd day of Navaratri. She rides a lion. She has 10 hands and 3 eyes. She is brave and wins victory over demons.She has half moon(Chandra) on her forehead in the shape of bell(ghanta). So the name Chandraghanta.
‘Ku’ Means little, ‘ushma’ means warmth, ‘anda’ means egg(cosmic). So she is considered to the creator of the universe. she resembles to bring end to the darkness. She rides a lion an holds weapons like Bow arrow, Ghadha, and Sudharshanchakra.
She is mother of Skanda or kartikeya. She has four arms and 3 eyes. She holds the infant skanda in her right upper arm and lotus in her right hand and left hand. Left arm in pose to grant boons with grace. She has a bright complexion and often depicted to be seated on lotus. Her vahan is lion.
She is worshipped on 6th day of Navaratri. She was born to great sage katha as a blessing after a long austerities. She holds a Sword and Lotous in hands riding a lion.
Kaal ratri:
She has a dark complexion devilish-ed flying hair resembling a fearless posture. A necklace flashing lightning is in her neck. She holds a Backbone with ribs like weapon and has 3 eyes. She is known as Shubhankari. She rides a donkey.
She wears white clothes and appears as a peaceful posture. Has 4 arms and rides on a Cow. She holds a trident and Damaru.
She has supernatural healing powers. She rides on the lion. She blesses all gods, saints and all devotees. Lord shiva worshipped her and was blessed with all siddhis. By her blessings his half body became female. Hence called ardhanarishwara.

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